Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hangover Skincare

So last night was my friend's mini birthday bash. I got to reunite with my BIS 4th year high school classmates and though it was a small group, we had tons of fun dancing and drinking. I love Tanduay Ice and Cruisers because they don't have alot of alcohol content (3~5%) so if you're a beginner in drinking, you won't go wrong with these two. Anywhoo, the party was 6-12 and by 11PM, I was wasted! HAHAHA, well not really but I was beginning to feel tipsy. Before heading home, my friends and I grabbed mint from 7 eleven and headed home. I slept at 3 and by the time I woke up at 12, I experienced a little hangover mixed with a huge headache. So I immediately took a shower and once I looked in the mirror, I noticed that there was 2 pimples on my chin and one right above my brow. My face also had a couple red spots splattered in random places.

So the next day I patched on a Tony Moly Essential Mask Sheet in Green Tea.

The sheet wasn't dripping when I opened the pack unlike other sheets so I liked it. The scent was tolerable, no floral smell, no girly smell ... the scent was average, probably because of the fact that it was Green Tea. The only thing I didn't like about this was that the information in the back was all written in Korean. People who doesn't know how to read hangul wouldn't be able to understand anything from this mask pack. Most Tony Moly products don't have directions nor ingredients written in english in the back, sadly.

After using it, my skin felt really light and I was happy about that. But what got me really happy was how my whitehead on my chin decreased by size, the zit on my upper brow was no longer visible and the red spots were gone! Yay!~

Would I purchase again? YES OH YES.

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