Sunday, August 26, 2012

Watsons Haul + Reviews

Instead of studying at home for my upcoming midterms, how did I spend my Sunday afternoon? Shopping of course! What better way to spend some time alone than this? I got all sorts of new stuff from Watsons. 

ELF's Clarifying Pressed Powder & Tinted Moisturizer SPF15 (Both for P130/$3.08) 

Beauty Buffet Masks (P39/$0.92 each). Will do a review of this after I try it out.

Watsons Stretch Mark Minimizer Body Butter (P149/$3.53). I won't be doing a review of this just yet ;)

Maybelline's Baby Lips Pink Glow (P99/$2.34)

Ready for reviews? Let's get started!

First is ELF's Tinted Moisturizer with SPF15. I've been getting sick of using BB Creams and I wanted to try something new. So when I stopped by ELF, I noticed this. I checked the price out and with it costing so less, I decided to check it out myself! The texture is thick enough for coverage but not too thick to make it look so heavy and cakey. It also has a matte finish which I really like. It has a mandarin/orange type of smell at first but since I like oranges, I didn't mind one bit. It fades off anyway once the product is on the face.

Here's a swatch of it on my hand.

-Very moisturising indeed!
-Very good coverage. A bit comparable to BB Cream
-Budget friendly

-Tube packaging can make it a bit messy and unhygienic
-The container is so little!

Will I buy this product again? Yes!

Here's the finished product. You may click on the picture for enlargement. 

The second item I got was ELF's clarifying pressed powder. I am always in a hunt for the perfect pressed powder and as much as I like Penshoppe's pressed powder, I need to try something else. I got this with the shade of Apricot Beige. One of the things I liked about this is that it had ingredients which will not cause break outs. 

-Budget friendly
-Tiny, can fit into pockets
-Has a tad of glitter that makes your face glow

-Packaging is a bit unhygienic
-No mirror
-Average coverage if used alone

Will I purchase this again? If I don't find any other ones, then most likely, yes. 

Here is the finished look!

Lastly, it's Maybelline's Baby Lips Pink Glow. Since I really liked the Baby Lips lip balms, I decided to try the glow line as well. It's a couple of pesos more expensive and it feels like you're wearing lip gloss but it still has a nice feel on the lips. 

-Cute packaging, comes with different colors and scents/flavors
-Very moisturising
-Fulfils it's promise of pink glow on the lips


Will I purchase this again? Why not?

That's it for me tonight! Hope this was informative. Good night, everyone (or good morning, depending on where you live, lol) xx


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  2. wow it looks like you had so much fun shopping hehe these look like good products! i honestly haven't heard of Elf until i visited your blog. thank you for posting this review! take care and hope your midterms was a breeze! <3 :-)

    1. I've heard of ELF since I was in middle school in the States but it was so hard to find alot of stores that had it. It wasnt til I went here for college that I completely discvered about their other projects. It's really wonderul, plus it's cheap! And thank you as well, hoping for pleasant results on them *crossed fingers*

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    1. I've followed back! And yes, my sentiments exactly! Everytime I pass by, I'm always tempted to go in. When I do shop there, always feel like my wallet was robbed. Lol. The dilemmas of being a girl!

  4. I have that Maybelline balm and i love it!

    1. So do I! It smells so wonderful and feels so good on the lips! xx

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  24. The beauty masks are so cute! ^o^ How did those turn out? My sister loves those.