Sunday, February 10, 2013

House of Puppies Grooming Salon Review

If you know me personally, you guys would know that my furbabies are my life. I live alone here in Manila (for college) and my parents along with my three younger brothers are back in Chicago. You guys can imagine the loneliness I go through!

These are my two Shih Tzus, Chloe and Mikki. Chloe is my 1 y/o tricolor and Mikki is my 8 month old mahogany  This was a week before their hair cut yesterday at House of Puppies located right under Mang Gym and beside Jolibee located at Pearl Drive. It's right across Fairview General Hospital. For those living in Fairview, this is a grooming salon you might want to check out. They also have a vet office right beside it. My boyfriend thinks highly of the vet there and his co-vet. He always tells me how nice they are and how they are very fun to chat with about animals.

This is the prices in the grooming salon. It's also a pet shop. They have a variety of things and they have their own shampoo line. I've tried them out and they're not bad. They smell really good on my pets!

The service is very good as well. The doggie barbers (lol, what exactly are they called?) are very professional as well; they cut very good and I trust them more than the ones in Furry Tails where I use to bring Chloe to when she was just a pup.

Here are more pictures from their hair cut.

It was Mikki's first puppy cut. Isn't she just adorable? ;)

Have you tried getting your pet groomed at House of Puppies. How'd it go?

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