Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Face Shop's Lovely Me:Ex BB Cream Review

I've always wandered around The Faceshop store partly because I get to see Kim Hyunjoon's face everwhere (LOL). But this time around, I actually took time to try on swatches of BB Creams. I've been getting sick of my past BB Creams and so I went on a hunt for something to my liking. So a week later or so after feeling this way, I finally went to buy myself Faceshop's new BB Cream 'Lovely ME:EX'. It's the cheapest so far in Faceshop (and it's 40ml so I thought it was worth the price) and when I tried the tester, I gotta say that I fell in love with the scent. The packaging was really cute as well, as if targeting younger women. 

So, let's start with this review, shall we?

As I've mentioned, one of the things that I really liked about this BB cream is the appearance. Simple and sweet that kind of thing. The scent was something I liked as well. It's similar to Faceshop's fragrance 'Soul: Secret Blossom' (if I'm not mistakened; this is a product I'll be buying soon since I loved the scent so much, HAHA. If it isn't the right one, I'll update this review later on ;D). Also, this BB cream has spf20. It was a bit of a bummer that the spf was so low but it didn't stop me from buying this BB cream. 

When I first put this on my face after buying it, I was so amazed because not only did it make my face nice and smooth and that it was light, it also made my eyebags look non-existent! 

Now this is something I didn't like; it reminded me very much of my Maybelline BB Cream which had the same kind of bottle. Since it doesn't have a nozzle, most of the time when squeezed accidentally or even when the container is just there packed between other things, the BB cream gets squirted and piled up in the back of the cap. Very unhygienic.

Now, let's see how it looks like on the skin~ 

 Swatch ~

How it looks like when it's spread

Final result ~

Like most BB Creams, it's one shade only. People often complain in their reviews that the BB Cream company should make other shades but they are not even thinking about the SPF that the BB Cream has! The reason why the BB Cream might look really light on you is because of the SPF! But don't worry about this! It will take time to adjust to your skin!~ 

As you can see (from my side view with my mouth covered XD), it does give my cheekbones that glow you often see Korean women having with their no makeup look so I'm pretty happy about that~

Now, the good and the bad T.T

  • Feels good on the skin! Becuase this BB Cream is very light, once on the skin, it really does feel as if you don't have anything on the face. 
  • The price! This is the cheapest BB Cream I've seen so far around Faceshop! 
  • It didn't make me breakout which I've very happy about ~
  • This BB Cream has SPF20 (could be higher) so I have coverage for my one hour commute in the mornings
  • It's a pretty big tube for me so it'll most likely last me 3 months. But it's not as if I ever last with a BB Cream for 2 months, I always switch lol. 
  • The scent is amazing! 

  • It doesn't have full coverage. Even after I apply this, I have to put concealer (just to make sure) and my daily foundation.
  • Only comes in one shade! As you can see from the picture of my side view, the shade is lighter than my usual skin tone (I'm usually shade #23 or #2 when it comes to Korean face cosmetics)
  • The bottle is a little unhygienic.
  • The SPF is too low T.T But then again, the price is as well so I guess it makes sense. 

So to sum it all up, here is the final verdict.

Item: Lovely Me:Ex BB Cream
Coverage: 3/5
Dewyness: 4/5
Fragrance: Similar to The Face Shop's 'Sweet Pleasure' perfume! Attractive smell so I'm rating it 5/5!~
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Will I be purchasing again?: Probably not. It's a good BB Cream to put on the face when the weather is cool or when I'm going out at night. But since college is hectic, most likely I won't buy. Besides, I'm way too biased over other BB Creams hehe~

That's it for my Lovely Me:Ex review~ Here is the final result keke~


  1. i agree~ i bought one myself, my reason was, it says it contains tea tree oil w/c prolly explains why you didnt have breakouts.. the other reason is the price.. :D

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  3. really loves your review., in my country these product it's not booming.,but i interested with these one :(
    i got little problem when i googling to search review for these bb cream.

  4. i am using the same, make sense to me! =)